Place of installation Lovosice CR

Autonomous extinguishing system designed for automatic engine extinguishing and separate extinguishing between the engine and the cabin where there are hydraulic lines.

The extinguishing system is maintenance-free as it does not contain internal pressure, so it does not need pressure tests during a guaranteed functionality of 12 years!

The Sapfir Loco extinguishing system is divided into 4 separate parts:


1. Extinguishing the engine with an automatic temperature sensor TPS-01TC-125 which, after exceeding the temperature of 125 ° C, automatically activates two APPS MPH-2.8t extinguishing modules with a total capacity of 130 m3.

2. Extinguishing the space behind the engine with a complex extinguishing module APPS MPH-5T with integrated temperature sensor TPS-01TC-93. The total extinguishing capacity is 100 m3 volume.

3. The TPS-01TC-72 temperature sensor is located above the front axle transmission. If there is a fire in the hydraulic lines or the gearbox itself, the temperature sensor activates and triggers an alarm. Despite the proposal to place the APPS MPH-2.8t fire extinguishing module to extinguish the axle (as with a similar locomotive), they opted only for the alarm system. Apparently it doesn’t burn there often, and if it does, there will be a brave employee who jumps under the burning locomotive and will fire it by hand …

4. Autonomous alarm system also equipped with manual start of engine extinguishing directly from the cab. Should the automatic engine fire fail, it can also be started manually using the built-in TPS-01-M.

The SAPFIR LOCO extinguishing system automatically extinguishes the required service life of 12 years without the need to be connected to electricity. The extinguishing itself is fully functional from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C. As it does not contain internal pressure, only dry powder does not freeze in winter and is also suitable for extinguishing electronics without damage.

This is how SAPFIR extinguishing works

Video inspection after assembly