Fire, fire, everything burns = a locomotive burns often!

Autonomous extinguishing SAPFIR LOCO = extinguishes everything

7/20/2020 The assembly of SAPFIR LOCO

In order to prevent the undercarriage from burning in case of a fault, it was additionally equipped with an autonomous SAPFIR LOCO powder extinguisher.

The system is divided into 2 separate extinguishing zones:

Zone No.1 = engine extinguishing consists of the upper extinguishing module MPH-2.8 T (65 m3 extinguishing) and the lower extinguishing cannon MPH-10st (240 m3 extinguishing).  The engine is air-cooled Diesel where the operating temperature fluctuates between 100 – 130 °C, so a special temperature sensor TPS-02TS-180 is designed to begin the extinguishing. Only when the temperature exceeds 180 °C does the engine fire start automatically. In addition, the operator has a manual extinguishing trigger if it is necessary to start extinguishing before a temperature above 180 °C occurs.

Zone No.2 = hydraulic pump extinguishing. There is a separate automatic temperature sensor TPS-01TC-72 and fire extinguishing module MPH-2.8T with a fire extinguishing capacity of 65 m3. If the hydraulic hose breaks and a fire occurs, it will be extinguished within a maximum of 10 seconds. In addition, if a massive engine fire occurs, the hydraulic extinguishing will start secondarily.

The extinguishing system is regularly physically inspected every 6 months, and if the SAPFIR technician confirms the functionality of the system, the functionality is applied. The guarantee of functionality is 12 years.