STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR electrical distribution boxes extinguishing

SAPFIR powder extinguishing:

The autonomous fire extinguishing system SAPFIR is intended for extinguishing electrical distribution boxes, circuit breakers, transformers, servers and BTS stations.

Powder extinguishing is environmentally friendly with the help of cold gas and dry powder, which does not damage electrical or electronic equipment, but also protects people from fire.

Extinguishes all types of fires: A, B, C, E

The advantage is easy installation, small dimensions and high extinguishing efficiency. The automatic extinguishing process itself works without maintenance, a 12 years system life is guaranteed. 100% extinguishing, which works indoors and outdoors with ambient temperatures from -65 to + 125 °C.

SAPFIR fire extinguishing systems have been protecting electrical distribution boxes, cable ducts, wind farms, nuclear power plants, oil rigs, gas towers, underground tunnels, mining tunnels in Europe, Asia and Australia for more than 22 years!