SAPFIR powder extinguishing for DEZA a.s.

In 2018, the management of DEZA asked SAPFIR for a test for extinguishing 25 l of hydrogen peroxide.

According to current standards, a minimum of 12 kg of powder fire extinguishers is required to extinguish 25 l of peroxide. The leaders of the fire brigade thought that 4 kg of MPH-4 powder could not extinguish this chemical fire. However, if it can be proven that SAPFIR fire extinguishing systems can do with such a small amount of powder and such high extinguishing efficiency, DEZA will be interested in SAPFIR fire extinguishing systems. The test turned out as guaranteed, you have the opportunity to see the effectiveness of SAPFIR powder extinguishing.

Many autonomous SAPFIR fire extinguishing systems have been designed and constructed for DEZA.