Autonomous extinguishing – SAPHIR LOCO

Autonomous fire extinguishing system with a 12-year functionality guarantee of.

The track jack in Považská Bystrica was equipped with automatic powder extinguishing in 6 hours.

The device is fully automatic and does not require human operation.

The air-cooled motor is monitored by a temperature sensor for a maximum temperature of 180 °C. If the temperature in the engine compartment exceeds the limit of 180 °C, the temperature sensor sends a pulse which triggers the automatic extinguishing of the engine. In cabins No. 1 and No. 3 on the dashboard, the alarm starts beeping and flashing, as well as the main alarm system of the locomotive.

The locomotive operator also has a manual engine extinguisher available if the temperature does not reach 180 °C, but there is a risk of fire. The engine is extinguished from the upper part by the fire extinguishing module MPH-2.8T (65 m3) and at the same time the lower part from the chassis 1x MPH-2.8T (65 m3). The total engine extinguishing capacity is: 130 m3.


The upper part in which the main hydraulic pump and hydraulic lines are placed, is extinguished by a small MPH-10st fire cannon with a total capacity of 240 m3. Extinguishing is activated automatically if the temperature exceeds 110 °C above the pump TPS-01TC-110.

In order to guarantee the functionality of the system for 12 years, control tests of the extinguishing system are performed every 6 months.

Alarm test