10/23/2018 The assembly of SAPFIR LOCO = TSS No.3

New installation of the autonomous powder extinguishing within 10 hours.

SAPFIR LOCO installations are performed wherever it is possible to get there by car. The installation is performed by 1-2 SAPFIR technicians. Installations as well as the service checks are performed, in most cases, directly on the rails between transfers to individual locomotive orders. Specifically in this case, it is a simple variant of an automatic extinguishing of the locomotive consisting of two separate extinguishing zones.

Zone No. 1 contains 2x MPH-2.8T with a total extinguishing capacity of a 130 m3 engine. This is monitored by the TPS-02TC-180 temperature sensor which automatically starts extinguishing if the temperature exceeds 180 ° C. The operator can also begin the manual extinguishing of the engine through the manual starter TPS-01-M.

Zone No.2; extinguishing hydraulic pump + hydraulic lines. The TPS-01TC-72 temperature sensor automatically begins extinguishing 1x MPH-2.8T with a total capacity of 65 m3 after exceeding the temperature of 72 ° C.

The guaranteed functionality of the extinguishing system is 12 years.