Autonomous extinguishing system - SAPFIR LOCO

02/06/2018 new installation

Plasser & Theurer UNIMAT 08-275 3S rail jack

The powder extinguishing system consists of three separately extinguished zones. In particular, this type of locomotive has extremely problematic air cooling of the engine. The engine itself is located inside the locomotive and is still separately enclosed in the hood. Therefore, a separate extinguishing for this type of engine was designed with three extinguishing modules 3x MPH-2.8T, with a total extinguishing capacity of 195 m3. Automatic extinguishing is triggered by the temperature sensor TPS-02-180. If the temperature in the engine compartment exceeds the temperature of 180 ° C.The operator also has the option to start the extinguishing with the manual trigger TPS-01-M.The second extinguishing zone is secured 1x MPH-2,8T + TPS-01TC-110,which controls extinguishing of the upper part of the hydraulic pump + hydraulic lines. Extinguishing capacity is 65 m3.

The third extinguishing zone is secured by means of a 365 ° extinguishing module APPS MPH-5T with a temperature sensor TPS-01TC-110, with an extinguishing capacity of 100 m3. This fire extinguishing module is located on the wall behind the hydraulic pump, which ensures high-capacity extinguishing of the entire volume of the inner part of the locomotive.

The autonomous fire extinguishing system is regularly inspected every 6 months by a qualified SAPFIR technician.

GUARANTEE of the functionality is 12 years!