LED Chandelier Extinguisher – Model 2.8A

SAPFIR fire extinguishing systems have been developed for the extinguishing requirements of industrial buildings, chemical production, locomotives and many different technologies. Therefore, the issue of design has never been addressed. It was always important to put out the fire in just 5 seconds.

However,now we have shifted our focus on protecting the lives, health and property of people at home as well. And that’s why the new LED Luster Extinguishing model line had to be invented.

If the apartment or house has only ceilings without plasterboard (false ceiling), then it is necessary to consider the LED Chandelier variant, which also serves as an automatic fire extinguishing system. Specifically, this model is only a functional PROTOTYPE, but it is not the final version of the design. It is adjusted as needed to the room so that the design does not disturb the appearance of the room.

If there is no extinguisher in your house, you have to ask yourself many questions, such as: “Would I need to chase the insurance companies to pay for the damage the fire has caused? Would it be essential to dry all my walls, furniture and electronics after the fire? If our house burned down, where would I and my family live? Would I want firefighters on the roof of my house?”

In case you do not want to deal with such questions, there is a solution. The existing ceiling chandelier will be replaced by the LED chandeliers series. For the more demanding, there us also design types of choice.

Specific Model 2.8A:

Extinguishing capacity 32 m2 / 65 m3 with dry ecological powder, which after extinguishing is easy enough to vacuum or sweep. It does not damage electronics, does not damage antiques and, most importantly, does not harm human health. The extinguishing system is fully automatic after exceeding 72 °C.

The system is pressure-less, maintenance-free with a guaranteed functionality of 12 years!

Installation and operation of Led Luster Extinguishing by an authorized SAPFIR technician is estimated at 30 minutes of work. If you have a 3-room apartment, it is estimated that 3 – 6 fire extinguishing systems (lights) would be installed. Estimated installation time is 3 -5 hours.  Whenever the technician mounts the MPH fire extinguishing module (2.8 – 4 – 6) on the ceiling and connects it to the TPS-01C-72 temperature sensor, the automatic extinguishing is immediately operational.

There is beauty in the simplicity of SAPFIR automatic extinguishing. Cheap and effective device that will protect your lives and your property for 12 years.