STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR extinguishing polystyrene production

Design of a fire extinguishing system for a polystyrene foam and silage for storing polystyrene balls:

At the end of spring 2019, we were asked by the management of Jas Plastik Galanta to design an autonomous fire extinguishing system for the chemical production of polystyrene.

In the hall there are 20 large-capacity tanks for polystyrene granulate with which highly explosive gas Pentan is released. Therefore, the production area must be constantly ventilated by drafts. Also, the foaming of polystyrene generates a large waste heat which accumulates in the upper parts of the building above the polystyrene forces with which Pentane is released.

Conventional extinguishing systems such as Sprinkler (water extinguishing), gas extinguishing are not applicable in this area, as water would primarily damage the electronics (control units) and destroy the polystyrene granulate itself. Gas extinguishing could also not be used due to the ventilation of the entire production hall. Gas extinguishing is toxic and therefore there must be no people in the extinguishing area, otherwise they would suffocate. Likewise, gas extinguishing would not be effective because the gas would be vented by ventilation from the hall.

STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR autonomous extinguishing system:

After the design of the extinguishing system and the approval of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic (fire brigade – regional director), the prototype Extinguishing system of the polystyrene foam was manufactured, functional and put into full operation at the end of August 2019.

A total of 53 fire extinguishing modules are combined here, from the smallest MPH-2, MPH-2.8 MPH-4 MPH-5TCS MPH-9 MPH-10, to 4 pieces of large-capacity fire extinguishing parts MPH-24T.

6 PROTENG ENGINE gas hoses, FM 200, 2,100 MM (fire hose) were placed to extinguish the production control units. These ensure the internal extinguishing of the cabinets of the production control units.

Demonstration test of the alarm system

Regular 6-month inspection service of the STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR fire extinguishing system:

In order to guarantee the functionality of the extinguishing system for the entire 12 years from installation, regular check-up tests must be carried out every 6 months. As the environment in which the fire extinguishing system is located is constantly exposed to high temperatures and due to the increased movement of workers, manual damage to the fire extinguishing system can occur. From time to time, it may happen that they accidentally hit the fire extinguisher modules or temperature sensors with a forklift. And there is manual damage, as are the cable lines. In the photos below you can see the process of checking the functionality of the MPH fire extinguishing modules.


Proteng fire extinguishing tubes:

There are 6 fire extinguisher hoses in the cabinets of circuit breakers and control units. These are used for internal gas extinguishing. Each fire hose is equipped with a Mamometer which shows the gas pressure in the hose. The estimated service life of Proteng extinguishing tubes is 3 – 6 years. Our companies cooperate in individual projects according to the client’s needs.