CRH Slovakia (former Holcim) Extinguishing SAPFIR since 2015

At the request of the management, an autonomous powder fire extinguishing system SAPFIR was developed for the former Holcim.

CRH is the largest producer of cement and construction chemicals in Slovakia. In this production process, however, chemical processes are created which can often cause spontaneous combustion. Furthermore, if lime, construction adhesives or other bulk construction chemicals are produced, it is not suitable to use water, liquid or foam extinguishing systems for extinguishing.

Likewise, these systems are unusable in most CRH facilities due to external conditions such as frost in winter. Water and foam extinguishing systems would freeze immediately.

Powder extinguishing has no internal pressure and no electricity consumption. Therefore, even during a guaranteed service life of 12 years, it does not need pressure tests and complicated maintenance like all competitive and more expensive fire extinguishing systems.

CRH’s safety policy is at a high level, and paid fire extinguishing tests are carried out every year. And the always selected fire extinguishing module for the test will extinguish the fire 100%.

SAPFIR extinguishes those technologies where other extinguishing systems are inefficient or technologically inoperable. This is the advantage of simple and cheap SAPFIR extinguishing.