Automatic extinguishing STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR = GALVANIZOVY

Total number of fire extinguishers: 15 pieces MPH-10st Total number of extinguishing modules of electrical distribution cabinets: 15x MPH-065 Total number of manual extinguishing grenades: 4x MPH-5

On 30.3.2024 – fully functional automatic fire extinguishing system installed

The Sapfir autonomous extinguishing system consists of several separate extinguishing zones. Each extinguishing zone is composed of a temperature sensor TPS-1TC-3 (TPS-01TC-110) + 1 or more MPH extinguishing modules. Extinguishing systems are divided into ceiling extinguishing using small fire extinguishers MPH-10st, which are placed from above so as to cover the extinguishing area of individual fire extinguishing zones. A separate category of extinguishing is electric distribution cabinets where fire extinguishing systems MPH-065 + separate temperature sensor are located. Large distribution cabinets have at least 2 fire extinguishing modules MPH-065 and a sensor. The large distribution box is equipped with three pieces of extinguishing modules and two sensors so that the total volume is fully extinguished.

The Sapfir autonomous extinguishing system consists of several separate extinguishing zones.

The temperature sensor TPS-01TC-93 is an electric generator. pulse (0.5 A) which, when the temperature-sensitive element is activated (after exceeding 93°C), creates an electric pulse to activate 1-6 MPH extinguishing modules, but also switches on a parallel alarm line that triggers an alarm + sends a signal to the GMS module, which subsequently sends SMS alarm messages to all designated mobile numbers.

The STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR extinguishing system is fully autonomous. It works without human intervention, only in case of fire and without the need to connect to electricity. current. The guaranteed functionality of the system is 12 years, subject to compliance with regular 6 monthly inspection services. When the functionality of the TPS temperature sensors, the functionality of the MPH fire extinguishing modules as well as the cable lines for starting the fire extinguishing and the cable lines for the alarm are physically checked. The functionality of the GSM module and the entire alarm system (sound and light signaling) is also checked. For this, simulated false fire alarms are carried out during service. If a TPS or MPH defect is detected during the guaranteed functionality of the system (12 years), which is not caused by physical damage (manual damage). The given device will be exchanged for a fully functional one free of charge.For illustration, I am attaching SMS alarms and SMS diagnostics of the report after installing the GSM module and its subsequent multiple control of the functionality of the Temperature sensor via the control alarm line. The upper IP box contains a GSM module and an integrated alarm system with its own power source. energy. A TPS-01-M manual extinguishing trigger is located in the lower cabinet, which serves as a backup. If the automatic extinguishing of the left row (5x MPH-10st) of the galvanizing tubs does not start in time, the operator can manually activate the extinguishing of the entire row at once by pulling the fuse. It serves as a timely manual activation of fire extinguishing of a critical part of the line that burned down in the past.

Ceiling extinguishing zone = Extinguishing module MPH-10st + sensor TPS-01TC-93-110

A total of 15 MPH-10st extinguishing modules with one or more TPS-01TC-93-110 temperature sensors are placed. This is a combination of overlapping extinguishing zones where only one fire extinguisher is activated, or in combination with the opposite fire extinguisher. The system is designed so that it extinguishes opposite each other from two sides and thus completely extinguishes the source of the fire. The extinguishing zones are independent from each other, so if the fire in a given zone is extinguished in time, it is not necessary to extinguish it in other zones. This ensures the timely activation of extinguishing of one, two or simultaneously all extinguishing units MPH with a total capacity of 80m2/240m3.

If there was an explosion and a fire in the entire space at the same time, all the temperature sensors would be activated at once and all fire extinguishers would be activated at once. The total extinguishing capacity is 1200 m2/3600 m3!

Here you can find a video for the MPH extinguishing test – 10st:

This firefighting project was EXTREMELY physically demanding and extremely DANGEROUS!

Overall assembly work could ONLY be done on weekends, when the entire line is shut down and all automatic platforms are stopped. The overall work was carried out by a pair of technicians due to the gradual construction of the entire production line after the recent massive fire. When the entire building burned down and a new production line had to be built again. We first had to figure out how to position the fire cannons so they wouldn’t interfere with the automatic moving platforms. So that the automatic platforms do not interfere with their position during extinguishing, and also so that the entire extinguishing system (cables, extinguishing modules) does not interfere with the maintenance of the entire production line. Then it was necessary to come up with constructions with the help of which fire extinguishers are placed at the highest available point, so that the effectiveness of extinguishing is as high as possible = extinguishing area.

Only two technicians were willing to move over the vats with different types of acid and lye, which released poisonous fumes. Since it was not possible to use high-lift platforms, one had to move only on ladders and on iron structures approx. 15 m above the ground!


STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR thereby makes extinguishing projects that the competition says cannot be done. We don’t know the word CAN’T, we only know the word CAN! High-strength Wurth iron components were used for the production of structures (the price of the material alone was more than €1,000). Therefore, if you look at this documentation/presentation and think about the price. The extinguishing system is one part of the project price, the other part is transport, material and hundreds of km of cables and various covers (cable protectors, IP boxes and many others). Total installation time was 8 working days.

Extinguishing zone of electric distribution boxes  small extinguishing module MPH-065 + sensor     TPS-01TC-93

Electrical distribution cabinets are equipped with one or more fire extinguishing modules MPH-065 in combination with one or more temperature sensors. Each MPH-065 extinguishing module has an extinguishing capacity of 1.2 m2/2.4 m3, which makes a total extinguishing capacity of 3.6 m2/7.2 m3 when combined with three. Each TPS-01TC-93 sensor has its own alarm line which is connected to the beacon + GSM module which, in the event of extinguishing, sends an alarm SMS message to a mobile phone of 6 numbers.

Tu nájdete video na test hasenia MPH – 065
Here you can find a video on the alarm test of the extinguishing system of electrical distribution cabinets:
Here is a link to the MPH-5M extinguishing tests

4 pieces of manual extinguishing system = MPH-5 fire extinguishing hand grenade are intended to cover a possible fire under the water/acid tanks. MPH-5 manual fire extinguishing systems are strategically placed on each side so that in the event of a fire from any side, it is possible to immediately take the fire extinguishing module from the stand on the wall, unlock the fuse and throw it into the fire. After throwing, the fire extinguishing system starts automatically 5 seconds after activation and starts 360° extinguishing around itself with a total volume of 78 m2/100 m3! The total volume of all 4 extinguishing modules with a reserve is sufficient to extinguish the fire under the bathtubs.

On 30.03.2024

The automatic extinguishing system of the Galvanizing plant and the extinguishing of electrical distribution cabinets were handed over.

The customer, signed the acceptance protocol and accepted the work for use.



The 24-month warranty for the entire system starts from the day the system is handed over to use. Every 6 months, a physical inspection of the entire          

STOP-FIRE-SAPFIR system will take place. The guaranteed service life of Sapfir extinguishing systems is 12 years if regular 6-monthly inspections of the system are carried out. And if no manual damage to the extinguishing modules is detected.