Autonomous powder extinguishing SAPFIR

In 2016, there was a fire in the cable distribution in the upper part of the data nodes of the building, in the place where camera servers and the entire communication and control system of Aupark was placed.

The fire was extinguished by automatic water extinguishing, which caused more damage than the fire itself. The water that was used to put out the fire flooded all the shops one floor lower and caused the greatest damage to the data center = control center, which resulted in the destruction of the complete camera system in the entire building for almost 3 months!

Therefore, the management of Aupark personally turned to SAPFIR with a request for a new automatic fire extinguishing system, which can extinguish electrical switchboards, data channels as well as data centers without damaging electronics and other spaces.

Within a few days, a new autonomous SAPFIR fire extinguishing system was designed, approved and subsequently installed. The given automatic fire extinguishing system works without human operation with zero electricity consumption. It is connected to the building’s EPS alarm system and in the event of a fire, the temperature sensor triggers extinguishing and triggers the fire alarm. The extinguishing system is 100% maintenance-free with a guaranteed service life of 12 years. The guaranteed service life of fire extinguishing modules lasts until 2028.

The main type of fire extinguishing systems consists of temperature sensors TPS-01C-72 and fire extinguishing modules MPH-5 with a 365 ° extinguishing radius with a total area of 78 m2 and a total volume of 100 m3. This type of fire extinguishing module is mainly used for extinguishing confined spaces such as cable ducts, the space between ceilings and partitions. It is designed especially for this type of extinguishing. Below in the video you can see the manual (grenade) type MPH-5T. However, the extinguishing method is identical to the extinguishing capacity.